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Fling It!


5th and 6th grade students participated in a STREAM event called Fling it.  They had to create catapults to defend their castles.  In this two day event, student spent time learning about mean, median, mode and range, that scientific method, speed and accuracy.  Students started with an ice breaker where they had to get their whole team across the mote, create loop flyers to learn the scientific method and put their heads together for some math to figure out all of their calculations. 

Anything That Floats

Students were invited to participate in an ambitious project to design, build, float and race boats, made primarily from cardboard and duct tape, in the high school pool.  Just prior to winter break, 8th graders gathered for two full days of team building, collaboration, learning and engineering.  Students faced tremendous challenges with limited amounts of time and materials along with some extremely difficult math and science concepts.  Along their journey, participants worked with teachers and engineers to select a design and execute the build.  We would like to say that all participants were successful this year, but we did have one boat sink!

Escape Artists

Students in grades 5 and 6 participated in the Escape Artist STREAM event.  Students were put through a series of lateral thinking puzzles, info seeks and two escape rooms.  The object was to get students communicating with one another, thinking laterally and looking at objects through a different lens.  Groups were then tasked with constructing their own escape room.  Students were taught how to create and decipher code for their rooms and how to research to create clues.  Escape rooms will be themed around a historical figure that each group selected. 

Crash Test Dummies

Students in 7th grade participated in The Crash Test Dummies STREAM event.  They were tasked with creating a car that would keep an egg safe while free falling down a ramp at various degrees.  Students learned about speed, friction, mass and acceleration.  They needed to learn about Newton's 3 laws and transfer of eneregy in order to create a safe car for their egg.