Barrett and Park Elementary Schools

The Steel Valley School District’s elementary staff is committed to providing a quality educational program that will meet the varied academic, social, and physical needs of its students. Instruction and curriculum center upon the basic skills with emphasis upon the development of good mental and physical health. In its totality, the learning climate promotes the development of a well balance self-image with attention to the mental, emotional and physical well-being of each student

A young child shows off a piece of artwork

A hands-on, multi-faceted approach is encouraged in the major subject areas of Reading, Mathematics, English, Spelling, Social Studies, Science, and Handwriting. Specialized instruction is provided in the areas of Art, Music, Library, Physical Education, and Computer Science. The district provides remedial Reading and Mathematics instruction and classes for the Gifted in an effort to augment the regular classroom instructional program.

Children begin their education at age 5, attend full-day sessions and develop basic learning and motor skills.

A well-trained counseling staff is employed to assist in matching students to curricular programs and fulfilling graduation requirements.

Exceptional children are educated in special education programs operated either by the district, the Allegheny County Intermediate Unit or by private schools approved by the Department of Education. Students are carefully and professionally evaluated before admission to these programs.

A student blows on an art project to dry it

Steel Valley Secondary Schools

Steel Valley Middle School, the Senior High School and the Central Administration Building are situated in a picturesque, campus-like setting in the gently rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania.

Minimum course requirements in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Physical Education are mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and be it known that Steel Valley has met and exceeded these prerequisites consistently over the years. It is our further intention to continue to accelerate and enrich our educational programs in the hopes that the needs of every student will be met.

Additionally, completion of the Middle School Curriculum requires each student to experience a Computer Orientation, Technology Education, Art, Music, and Health Education.

Middle school students laugh while seated in their desks

In addition to the Chapter 5 regulated graduation requirements in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Health/Physical Education and Electives in the Arts and Humanities, rich and varied programs are offered to Senior High students as well, Steel Valley offers an excellent academic program for students who plan to attend a college or university upon graduation; a viable vocational program at Steel Center Voc/Tech School that provides students will skills necessary for earning a living in trade related professions; and an effective skills program for students to pursue off-campus career-oriented training and experiences. Students who achieve academic excellence participate in concurrent college enrollment of early admission to colleges or universities.

Students are encouraged to maintain a good balance between academic and co-curricular activities. Opportunities for participation in clubs, organizations, intramurals and Student Government are available for all students. A well-rounded athletic program provides boys and girls opportunities to demonstrate athletic talents and enjoy the benefits of supervised sports.

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