Steel Valley Senior High School

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3113 Main Street
Munhall, PA 15120
Phone: 412.464.3600 x2500
FAX:  412-464-3609 


The Steel Valley School district will be distributing bag lunches including breakfast and a snack Monday – Friday from March 17-27 in the Steel Valley HS lobby and the Barrett gymnasium between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm.

The Rainbow Kitchen is offering take out meals on Monday – Friday from 9:30 - 10:30 am.  They are located at 135 East 9th Ave. in Homestead.  They will also continue with their regularly scheduled Food Pantry distributions.  Please visit their website or call 412-464-1892 for further information.

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is continuing to offer the FoodShare and Produce to People programs.  Please visit their website for further information.

Comast is offering free internet service.  New families who connect will get 60 days of Internet service for free.  For Comcast call 855-846-8376 or go to

Contact the Allegheny County Health Department PA 211 Southwest by calling 1-888-856-2774 for additional information and resources.

Please remember to check on your neighbors and family members during this pandemic.

Kennywood management has made the decision to cancel ALL in-school ticket sales for 2020. They will not be rescheduling any ticket sale dates. Steel Valley's picnic tickets will be available at   Kennywood is adjusting the price online to meet the same value as a ticket sold at the school, which is $29.

Suggested resources for students to access to keep the course work they have received fresh in their minds (Click Here)

Suggested Math Specific Resources for students to access. (Click Here)


Please click here to view the Immunization Requirement Form for the High School.

PowderPuff Highlights

The annual Steel Valley Powder Puff game between the junior and senior girls was held at William V. Campbell Field on September 25th

The senior team came out victorious in the game with a score of 40-0, but the juniors were able to claim victory in the pre-game tug of war.


Here are some photos highlighting the game and some very special people that made the game possible!  The Senior Powder Puff Team, 

the Junior Powder Puff Team, the Powder Puff Cheer Squad from left to right:

Kwamaine Cash, Anthony DiGiannurio, Alex Caspar, Jacob Tinta, Jamison Mays, and the Student announcers from left to right:

Jake Labishak, Terevon Harris, Class President John Tomasic, & Anthony Salopek

The Crowning of the PowderPuff King

Crowning a Powder Puff King has been an annual tradition at Steel Valley for a number of years.  This student government service project raised funds for The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation this year.  This year’s Steel Valley Powder Puff King is senior Anthony DiGiannurio.  Anthony raised an amazing $1,088.44 for this service project.

Homecoming Spirit Week Highlights

Recent News

Community Letter

March 30, 2020

We now are starting the third week of government-mandated closure of our schools. This drastic measure was taken because schools could become hotspots for COVID-19. In order for us to protect our community, and to warrant the closure of our schools, we have to take every precaution possible to contain the coronavirus.

Career and technical education classes will resume at Steel Center Tech via distance learning on Monday, March 30, 2020. Information regarding this is posted to our school homepage:

Click on the header for information about COVID-19 is rapidly evolving as new details are confirmed and new questions emerge. In the event of an outbreak in your community, as a parent/caregiver, your first concern is about how to protect and take care of your children and family.