Love Yourself Challenge

Stand Together completed their “Love Yourself” Challenge week by attending the girls basketball game today! They had a booth set up full of music, games and sweet treats! In support, the girls basketball team wore green sweat bands to “break barriers” against mental illness and promote acceptance of all kids at our school! Thanks for a great week and remember to always be the nice kid! You never know what others are going through!

Love Yourself Door Decorating Contest

Congratulations Dr. Fenyus' room for winning the Stand Together "Love Yourself" Door Decorating Contest! Dr. Fenyus' door focused on eating disorders.  Here are some facts about eating disorders that you should know:

  • 95% of people who suffer from eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25.
  • 70% of people who have an eating disorder will not seek treatment for one reason or another.
  • 50% of teenage girls and 33% of teenage boys will engage in unhealthy weight control behaviors.
  • Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder tend to run in families.
  • 10 million men will struggle with an eating disorder in their lifetime.
  • Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness

Everyone did a fabulous job and we hope you enjoyed learning about the various mental health disorders while having fun decorating their homeroom door.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  

Dr. Fenyus' homeroom will enjoy donuts Monday morning as a reward for their hard work!  Great job!  


Valentine's Day

Stand Together "Shared the Love" today by challenging the students at Steel Valley Middle School in lunch today to color a Valentine in order to decorate their friend's lockers tomorrow for the holiday.  They also had some fun with friends using the photo booth we created.  For their good deed and "sharing their love" to friends, students were given a sweet treat and were entered into a drawing for a bigger candy bar!  The students had a blast!  The sign in the cafe hung with the day's theme of "Being the Nice Kid".  We want students at Steel Valley Middle School to accept each other and share kindness by being the nice kid!  Happy Valentine's Day from Stand Together!

Merry Grinch-mas

Today Stand Together held their second display during all of the lunches at the middle school.  Stand Together is a group of middle school students who focuse on mental illness and substance abuse awareness and promotes a caring and understanding environment for all students to feel a part of our school.

Titled Merry GRINChmas, Stand Together chose to gain participation from the students through a photo booth, PING challenges that could earn them prizes after they completed tasks,and having our Pledge signing, all while playing festive holiday music.  It was a success and students really enjoyed the booth while learning about one another and what Stand Together is all about.

Stand Together wishes everyone happy holidays!  We hope that you have a joyous and relaxing break full of fun, laughter and love.

Words Matter

Stand Together kicked off their first official in school project by spreading their “Words Matter” message. Meaning-names that you call others can hurt them and/or offend them or someone close to them. This message stemmed from a previous project done by Dr. Fenyus, Mrs. Mcgrew and Mrs. Churilla earlier this year! The Stand Together team wore their green shirts reading “Wear Green. Be Proud. I stand with 1:4 people who suffer from Mental Illness. The kids had table tents set up on the cafeteria tables with definitions of various mental illnesses and words that could hurt someone were displayed. In order to gain a “words matter” bracelet, students needed to sign the Stand Together pledge. They also had a trivia game set up to educate students on various mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders. It was a great day! Stand Together is an organization at SVMS funded by the Allegheny County Office of Behavioral Health.

Students participating in spinning wheel game

Another view of students doing the spinning wheel game

Stand Together

The Allegheny County Office of Behavioral Health has partnered with the Middle School students for its "StandTogether" initiative for the fourth year. The objectives of Stand Together are to decrease negative attitudes and beliefs among adolescents towards peers and adults with mental illness and/or substance use disorders, decrease social distance between adolescents and their peers who have mental illness and/or substance use disorder, and encourage adolescents to make positive change.

Steel Valley Middle School chose to bring Stand Together to our school to reduce negative beliefs and attitudes towards youth who have a mental illness in our communities by promoting a healthy, caring atmosphere in our schools. Stigma causes shame and embarrassment for youth and they experience its impact through ostracism, social isolation, depression, suicidal ideation, and self-harm.   Our goal is to support ALL students and community members and bring students together promoting healthy and happy relationships. 

On October 3 and 9th, 30 Middle School students were trained by Ms. Danyelle and Ms. Candace from the Allegheny County of Behavioral Health offices on Stand Together and it’s ideation.  Students were very receptive to the idea and eager to help build a sense of community within their school. These concepts are founded on the principles of bringing everyone together and being a good person.  We too are trying to ignite a change in our community and what better way to do so than to join forces.

Recent News

Blood Drive

March 18, 2019

on Tuesday, March 19 from 8:00  A.M. to 1:00 P.M. in Steel Valley High School's Gymnasium. To make an appointment: Please see Mrs. McCallister or a member of Student Council to sign up. All participating donors will receive a pop-socket!

Physicals at the High School have been reschedule for May 10th

Click on Header for Flyer. Panel discussion on Wednesday, March 27, for students, parents and school staff. The panel will include a social media expert, decision science expert, child psychiatrist, school principal/administrator, parent, teen, and Neil Giacobbi from AT&T. There is no fee to attend and they will be serving a light dinner. Please RSVP to make sure they have an accurate guest count for food and seating.