Some of our Girl Talk girls and Ms. Dunmire-Kuftic  went out to Ross Park Mall and Tory Burch tonight for a fundraiser benefiting their club and the Best of the Batch Foundation. Tory Burch donated 20% of their sales to their Girl Talk program and our girls had the opportunity to join Charlie and Tasha Batch and discuss what Girl Talk is and the impact it has on their lives! What a great opportunity for our students to talk network and speak to adults about something their passionate about. Thank you to anyone who shopped and/or who has supported this great program! 

Sharon Flake Meet and Greet

Today some of our Girl Talk girls had the opportunity to go with Ms. Dunmire-Kuftic and Ms. Kelsey to the AIU3 for a once in a lifetime opportunity! While at the AIU3, our girls met with author Sharon Flake of the book “The Skin I’m In” and attended two breakout sessions. Avonworth School District led a session entitled “Be the Kind Kid” and students had the opportunity to get their personal copy of “The Skin I’m In” signed by Ms. Flake at the end. Everyone had a great time!


In 6th grade, students read this book so this really brought our curriculum to life! Thank you to the AIU3 and Best of the Batch Foundation for this opportunity for our girls!

Holiday Spirit

The Girl Talk club had a great time after school today with a little friendly competition.  They were split into random groups and had to design a themed gingerbread house using creativity and supplies provided.  Congratulations to De'Nea, Narayjah, Kelsey and Anna on winning the competition with their "16" house!  We also had a special guest appearance and judge by Taylor Mitchell who was one of our former mentors.

Giving Thanks

Girl Talk girls talked about what they were thankful for, played a few games and made brownie turkeys to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. 

Down on the Farm

Girl Talk girls had a great time at Triple B Farms today.  The girls picked pumpkins, navigated a corn maze and took a hayride.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk met for their first official meeting at the Best of the Batch Foundation.  With new mentors, Gabby and Rajhae, it was a fantastic day!  The girls did an icebreaker of two truths and a lie, created their own puzzle pieces, and got to know one another!  We are looking forward to a great year.  Girl Talk is an organization sponsored by The Best of the Batch Foundation that focuses on Peer to Younger Peer mentoring.  Girls in grades 6-8 meet every Wednesday after school until 4pm.