Letter to Families - November 16, 2023

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Please see this letter from Bryan M. Macuga, Interim Superintendent 

Our students are the heart of our district. We continuously strive to provide programs and resources, not just for academics, but to support each student holistically. The Student Assistance Program (SAP) Team works with students, parents, and teachers to identify issues, including social, emotional, mental health, which may pose a barrier to a student's learning and school success. Through the SAP team, our District offers many groups, programs, and personal approaches to help support each and every student facing challenges to their success. Students are referred for SAP support and services. All referrals are confidential and once one has been made, the SAP team gathers information, consults with the parent and student, and then makes recommendations for additional support. The SAP team is not a treatment program nor does it diagnose problems, although we may refer students to outside assessment and treatment programs. Teachers and staff can refer students for SAP programs based on their own observations, concerns shared by other students, parent/guardian concerns, or any combination of these. Do You See Your Child Showing Any of These Behaviors/Causes for Concern? 


An image of the preceding text informing Steel Valley families of Bryan Macuga's appointment as interim superintendent