October 6, 2023 letter to Steel Valley families from the Superintendent

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Please take a moment to read the following letter to Steel Valley families from Superintendent Edward Wehrer.

Edward Wehrer 
Superintendent October 6, 2023 Dear Steel Valley Family, As my time at Steel Valley as the Superintendent of Schools draws to a close, I wanted to share some thoughts with you. I always have believed that Steel Valley is a very special place, and that our differences and diversity are actually our greatest asset. The entire package of our collective efforts and experiences is so much greater than the sum of our individual talents and accomplishments. Has my time as Superintendent changed that thinking? Not one bit.

When I was young, the late Rev. Dr. Jack Macleod, the longtime shepherd of the Homestead United Presbyterian Church, told me that life is all about relationships. Although I did not fully appreciate his sage advice back in the 1970s, the message did stick with me. Over the years I have found that wisdom to be very profound and totally accurate.

So many of my most cherished relationships have Steel Valley ties: my high school buddies, who know me best; my teachers and coaches, who had an incredible influence upon my development as a person; my players and wrestlers, with whom I share an everlasting Ironmen pride; my staff colleagues who made working here so meaningful and fun; my students and their families for whom I have gained so much respect and admiration; and, most importantly, my wife, though I maintain that my Class of '84 is superior to her Class of '85 (and all other SV classes, for that matter)!   I am sending a virtual bear hug to you all.

Serving as the Superintendent of Schools in my hometown, at my alma mater, has been an honor, and I am grateful to have had that opportunity.

I wish the very best to the students, staff, families and communities that comprise the Steel Valley School District.


Edward Wehrer 

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