September 19, 2023 letter to Steel Valley families from the Superintendent

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Please take a moment to read the following letter to Steel Valley families from Superintendent Edward Wehrer.

Dear Steel Valley families,

Today we were included in a mass email threat with many other schools. The
threat was not specific and did not name Steel Valley directly. We secured our
buildings by bringing in students and staff, and we did not permit anyone other
than our students and staff to enter the buildings.

Our Crisis Team made contact with our local police departments, and they
coordinated searches of our schools with canine units and assistance from other
agencies. At this point in time, each of our schools has been searched and
determined to be safe by law enforcement.

We will secure our buildings through the rest of the school day.  Activities,
practices and games scheduled for after school or this evening will proceed as

We take all threats seriously, and keeping our students and staff safe is the top
priority for us. We thank our partners from the Homestead, Munhall and West
Homestead police departments for their quick and professional responses, and we
thank you for your support. If your child is upset, please contact the school office.
We have counseling services available.


Edward Wehrer

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