SV MS Drama Club presents "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Your Teachers (But Were Afraid To Ask)"

Have you ever wondered what your teachers were like when they were your age? How did they choose the subjects they teach? Do they really like math that much, or did they really want to teach drama only to lose a secret, underground battle?

Where do teachers shop for groceries? What goes through their minds when they're spotted by a student in public?

The Steel Valley Middle School Drama Club is here to try to answer some of those nagging questions with a performance of "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Your Teachers (But Were Afraid To Ask)." The one-act ensemble comedy features an exploration of what really makes teachers tick.

The show runs from Thursday, January 11 through Saturday, January 13, with all performances at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Tickets are $2.

Students Emma Downey, Effie Seidling, Avery Bragg and Damon Floyd embark on a journey to get their questions answered. Trailed by naturalist Logan Noblet, the answers they discover are surprising and hilarious. The cast also includes Alexandria Wehrer, Andy Diep, Skylar Fitzgerald, Kylie Kern, Georgie Fitzpatrick, Noah Hughes, Peter Bos, Janine Clark, Josie Strom, Vivian Rusnak, Ashley Bulger, ZaKiyya Berts, Sage Dasta, Aliayah Burns, Sofia Grzyb, Christina Howard and Hailey Rager in a wide range of roles, including teachers, parents and other strange characters.

Plus, keep an eye out for a few special appearances by some familiar Steel Valley faces!

Originally written by Jason Pizzarello, the show is directed by Mrs. Christine Schott and is produced through special arrangement with Stage Partners. Theo Coyne is the assistant director, Elaina Fedoris is the stage manager, Makena Daub, Roey Kasler and Abigail Hankle serve as stage crew, Henry McCann operates the sound board, and Aurora Shipman is the lighting board operator.