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Cindy DeLuca Barrett Elementary Franklin Primary Center Barrett 412-464-3600 ext. 5530 Franklin 412-464-3600 ext. 6530
Amber Thomas Park Elementary 412-464-3600 ext. 4530


Amber Thomas Middle School/High School 412-464-3600 ext. 2530



  • All students must:

Be properly immunized

The following are the minimum immunizations that are required for all students entering school for the first time.


4 doses of tetanus (1dose after the 4th birthday); 3doeses if series stated after 7 years of age

4 doses of diphtheria (1 dose after the 4th birthday); 3 doses if series stated after 7 years of age

3 doses of polio

2 doses of measles

2 doses of mumps

1 doses of rubella

3 doses of hepatitis B

2 doses of varicella or written statement form physician/designee indicating month and year of disease or serologic proof of immunity

GRADES 7 - 12

1 dose of Tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (Tdap)


dose of meningitis vaccine (MCV4)

ATTENTION PARENTS: The Allegheny County Health Department offers free immunizations. The health department is located at 3441 Forbes Avenue in Oakland. Call 412-578-8060 for clinic hours. No appointment is needed.

All students must:

  • Have physical examinations
  • Have dental examinations

The school health law requires physical examinations for children entering school for the first time and in grades 6 and 11. Dental examinations are required for children entering school for the first time and in grades 3 and 7.

Physical Examinations

The school health law requires physical examinations for children entering school for the first time and in grades 6 and 11. All completed physical exam forms MUST be received by September 15th in the school nurse’s office.

Dental Examinations

All students entering school for the first time and in grades 3 and 7 are required by the State of Pennsylvania to have a dental examination. All completed dental exam forms MUST be received by September 15th in the school nurse’s office.

The state recommends these exams be done by your private physician/dentist since they can best evaluate your child. If you would like the school physician/dentist to do the required exams please let your school nurse know at the beginning of the school year.


Illness and/or Communicable Diseases

In order to prevent the spread of communicable disease and to insure rapid recovery with a minimum of after effects, it is advisable to keep a child home from school when he or she shows one or more of the symptoms or disorders listed below:

  • chills
  • fever
  • earache
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • skin rash or sores
  • enlarged glands
  • pains-tenderness or swelling
  • red or discharging eyes
  • Strep Throat – Stay home at least forty-eight (48) hours from initiation of medicine.
  • Pink Eye – Stay home at least twenty-four (24) hours after initial treatment and no further drainage.
  • Pediculosis (head lice) – Stay home at least until removal of all nits and completion of proper shampoo treatment. A child must be checked by the school nurse upon return to school.

Emergency Care Forms

Every child must have, on file in the school office, a completed Emergency Care Form. This form must be completed and returned to the school office within 10 days of receipt by the student. This form should consist of a list of current phone numbers in order to reach you in the event of an emergency. This may consist of a home number, cell number, parent work numbers, a relative or neighbor. It is extremely important that you contact your child’s school with any changes or additions to the Emergency Care Form immediately.


Every child should be apparent good health before leaving for school each morning. If a student should become ill or injured at school, you will be notified. Parents will be asked to come or send someone for a sick or injured child. No child is permitted to leave the school until an adult reports to the office and signs the necessary form.


Every effort should be made to administer medication at home. Only essential prescribed medicines will be given by school personnel and only after the proper forms have been completed by parents. Forms are available in each school office. NOTE: No over the counter medicines will be given.


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The Steel Valley School District Board of Directors will hold a special meeting at 7:30 p.m. on December 12, 2018, in the Senior High School Library for the purpose of ratifying a collective bargaining agreement. The school district reserves the right to conduct other business that may be brought before them.

It has come to our attention that people have purchased school spirit items on Facebook ads and have been scammed through non-district sponsored sites.  They are selling championship tee-shirts and other miscellaneous items. Please DO NOT put yourself in a situation like this. Know who you are buying from!

Letter to Parents

November 26, 2018

With great sadness I must inform you that on Sunday, November 25, 2018, we learned that one of our High School Staff members, Mr. Randy Zirkle, had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Mr. Zirkle was a technology teacher at the High School, and he was extremely committed to his students. He will be missed.  Please select the header to read the attached letter from our Superintendent, Ed Wehrer.