When our students depart Steel Valley after graduation, their paths diverge in numerous directions. Some students head off to four-year universities, while others further develop their skills at a trade school. Steel Valley also has a proud history with our armed forces, and a number of students have found success by joining the workforce right after graduation.

Regardless of the path they take, it is Steel Valley’s mission for our graduates to be prepared to follow their dreams. It starts by exposing our students to a wide range of opportunities throughout high school, thanks to a partnership between Mr. Novak, our guidance counselor, and teachers like Mrs. Williams, Mr. Catterall, Mr. Colorito and Mr. Goga.

A student works a table saw

Through the use of specialized skill assessment programs as well as a federal career program, Steel Valley offers guidance and support as students begin their college and career search. From starting a resume to developing interview skills, from managing coursework to identifying possible college scholarships, from exposure to entrepreneurship to a career-based senior project, each stage prepares our students for whatever their next step might look like.

If students opt for college, Steel Valley provides an array of tools to help navigate the process. PHEAA comes in every year to walk families through the FAFSA application process to determine their financial aid needs. The library has information on numerous local, regional, and national universities. Steel Valley also hosts local colleges who offer instant decision days, which take away the angst of waiting for an acceptance letter.

A student works on a project at the Steel Center for Career and Technical Education

Steel Valley students also have access to career opportunities at the Steel Center for Career and Technical Education. As one of 11 districts that support the vocational and technical education center, Steel Valley provides resources for students interested in pursuing courses in the one of 18 career disciplines that Steel Center offers. Interest continues to rise in vo-tech opportunities, and Steel Valley has a proud history of students who have gone on to have rich, fulfilling careers thanks to their experience at Steel Center.

The generosity of our alumni and community partners provides Steel Valley seniors with exclusive access to scholarships. The local scholarship packet features almost three dozen scholarships from organizations and alumni with ties to the Steel Valley community. These generous partners include the Best of the Batch Foundation, the William V. Campbell Foundation, Shults Ford and Richard Bazzy, and many more. At the end of the year, students who have a 3.25 cumulative GPA take part in the Griffin Awards, an annual banquet in which the scholarships are awarded.

2023 Griffin Award Honorees