The Steel Valley School District is at an important crossroads as we look to define our future. We face annual budget deficits while devoting nearly $7 million per year to charter school expenses. We have aging infrastructure and the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the need for school districts to provide greater support to students and families. We have needs, but we also have an opportunity to address them and position the district to take significant steps forward.

Thanks to federal funding through the American Rescue Plan, we have approximately $5 million that we must spend by September 2024. We can use these funds to finance substantial one-time costs, purchase new curriculum, provide academic supports and programs to combat learning loss, and more. 

Steel Valley elementary students listen to a story by a guest speaker while sitting on the floor at Barrett Elementary gymnasium

In December 2021, superintendent Edward Wehrer made a presentation to the Steel Valley School District Board of Directors and the community. The presentation detailed Mr. Wehrer's plan to position the district for the future by addressing the district’s primary needs and by emphasizing Steel Valley’s commitment to academics, health, equity and inclusion, and career readiness. 

The presentation can be clicked through below or read as a PDF on the district web site. 

The four pillars of Steel Valley Stronger do not exist in isolation. How well someone does academically depends on their health, their support system and the opportunities they are provided. Academics, health, careers and equity are intertwined in education. These four pillars have been significant components of the Steel Valley experience in the past. The goal through Steel Valley Stronger is to turn them into strategic focal points so that they become areas of even greater strength.

One way in which these core components can be supported is by enhancing existing partnerships and by developing new relationships with providers around the region. The district is fortunate to have local partners like the Best of the Batch Foundation and the Carnegie Library of Homestead and regional entities like UPMC Children’s Hospital. As the district grows through Steel Valley Stronger, those relationships will blossom and their impact on our community will grow.

Recent News

The return of middle school students to the Steel Valley Marching Band has helped the band grow to 36 members and provided more opportunity to the students.

MS and HS Student Councils are joining The Caring Place in selling t-shirts for Children's Grief Awareness Day on November 17th. The cost of the t-shirt will be $10. A portion of the t-shirt sales is given back to the programs and supports of The Caring Place. We have added additional funds to the sale to give back to the Tears Foundation in honor of a staff member and her family who lost their son this past summer. This is another local organization that provides grief support services to families who have lost a child. We would like sales finalized by October 6th to assure on-time arrival. Please forward any questions to Erin Noblet x2023 or enoblet@steelvalleysd.org.

Care Mobile - FALL

September 26, 2022

At October 17th: Barrett Elementary, November 28th: Barrett Elementary December 19th: Steel Valley High School. Services include but are not limited to: immunizations, routine physical exams, sick child visits, and adolescent and young adult healthcare. All services provided by the care mobile are provided at no out of pocket cost to you. Walk ins are welcome BUT NOT GUARANTEED because spaces are limited. We encourage you to contact your school nurse or to secure a time slot.