Make Science Make Sense

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Volunteers from Bayer Corporation partnered with the Batch Foundation for their Day of Caring today. They facilitated a STEAM program called "Make Science Make Sense” with the 4th grade students at Barrett Elementary.

The students learned about being a doctor. They talked about what Radiology is, what Bayer does, and the products they make. They got to play “doctor” and diagnose different MRI, PET, and CT scans of diseases and injuries.

Make Science Make Sense - Photo #1

Students then made slime and talked about polymers. This was related this back to why plastics engineering is important when Bayer builds the syringes for our injectors.

Make Science Make Sense - Photo #2

Make Science Make Sense - Photo #3

They then looked at GloGerm! This experiment demonstrated how bacteria can be spread and why proper hand washing is important. Students talked about why sterility is important when Bayer makes disposable products.

Make Science Make Sense - Photo #4

Last, students made Alka Rockets! This experiment was just to have a little fun with one of Bayer’s products. The students created “rockets” out of film canisters and construction paper. They then “launched” them in Bayers rocket launcher by combining water and alka seltzer tablets in the canister.

Make Science Make Sense - Photo #5

Make Science Make Sense - Photo #6

Make Science Make Sense - Photo #7 

Recent News

Last night the Steel Valley Board of School Directors approved my recommendation to change Thursday, May 28, and Friday, May 29, from instructional days for students to Act 80 days for staff professional development.


May 22, 2020

Only Seniors are returning iPads. Grades 9-11 may keep the iPads until next school year. Seniors please plan to return your iPads on Thursday May 28th.

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