Second and third graders at Barrett Elementary celebrate, collaborate with Pittsburgh Cultural Trust artists

Educators from the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust visited Barrett Elementary on Thursday, February 8 and worked with the second and third graders on a variety of special projects to collaborate and help celebrate Black History Month. Artists and educators from the Cultural Trust worked with the second and third graders on a variety of special projects.

In one classroom, students experimented with photography and movement, as they used a tablet to take photos of their classmates moving around and expressing themselves. In another classroom, two artists helped students identify patterns. They performed a chant that included multiple patterns, with one half of the class eventually chanting one part while the other half simultaneously chanted a second part. They also created bracelets that incorporated colorful patterns. 

Inside a third room, students worked on colorful art, with the choice to make it Valentine's Day, Love Day, or even anti-Love Day themed, if they were feeling particularly grumpy. The students used toothpicks to draw on a special piece of black paper. As they scraped the toothpick across the paper, the black covering was erased to unveil a rich display of colors.

Students also expressed themselves through poetry by choosing words that described them and their class. Once they had constructed their poem, they recited it to a beat. The second and third graders also learned the basics of sign language thanks to an artist who taught them about being a mime. She shared how to communicate without speaking, but also reminded them of how important it is to listen.

It was a fantastic and rewarding day for Barrett students. Thanks again to the artists who helped enrich their education!