Letter regarding absentee and tardy messaging system

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Superintendent Bryan M. Macuga sent the following letter home to families on March 25, 2024 regarding the implementation of the district's absentee and tardy messaging system.

Dear Steel Valley Staff and Families:

In continued efforts to stress the importance of being in school and on time, the Steel Valley School District will now provide same-day contract to the primary parent or guardian through three methods: telephone call, text message, and email.

The absentee and tardy messaging system will be effective starting April 2, 2024.

Please use this week to log in to Sapphire to verify we have accurate information on file for the primary parent or guardian to ensure you are able to receive the messages.

At Steel Valley School District, we are making every effort to improve attendance and on-time arrival.

We are happy to offer this service to strengthen the home/school connection and work together for the best possible outcomes for our students.


Bryan M. Macuga



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