College in High School courses offer Steel Valley students college prep - and college credit

Mr. Vickers works with students in his CHS Calculus class

Did you know that Steel Valley has partnered with the University of Pittsburgh in order to offer College in High School courses?

These courses are taken as part of the regular school day and taught by high school teachers. Along with Advanced Placement courses, these rigorous classes challenge our students, prepare them for college-level academics, and allow them to earn college credit through the University of Pittsburgh. From taking the stage to debate the classic concept of inherited versus learned behaviors during Communication and Rhetoric to diving into high level math in Calculus, College in High School courses are available for students with a wide range of interests.

Some of the classes even provide a choice where students can either take the course through the University of Pittsburgh or take the Advanced Placement exam, providing students with options when it comes to earning college credit.

Students debate on an auditorium stage

A student laughs while seated in a high school classroom

Steel Valley currently offers the following Advanced Placement and College in High School courses:

AP U.S. History I
AP U.S. History II
CHS Psychology
AP/CHS Probability and Statistics
AP CHS Calculus with Lab
CHS Calculus II
AP/CHS Chemistry
AP/CHS Biology
AP/CHS Physics C Mechanics
CHS Communication and Rhetoric
CHS Introduction to Film

More information about those courses, as well as all classes offered at Steel Valley High School, is available in the 2023-24 Academic Handbook.

A student stands at a podium in a high school auditorium during a debate

A high school teacher works with students in a group in a classroom