Barrett's 12 Days of Giving Project Returns

Donated items from Barrett's 12 Days of Giving

Barrett's 12 Days of Giving is back!

Over 12 days in November, Barrett Elementary will be looking at various ways we can make a difference through giving. Each day, we will be highlighting a new way to give back. While we do have a day to celebrate each, donations for all days can be made any time from November 2nd through November 22nd.

On Thursday, November 2nd, the KDKA Turkey Fund will officially kick off our project. For a $1 donation, students will receive a pumpkin they can decorate at home with their family. Pumpkins are available for purchase now and can continue to be purchased throughout the month of November.

Day 1 (Thursday, November 2nd): A Turkey for a Family in Need

Day 2 (Friday, November 3rd): Tabs for RMHC

Day 3 (Monday, November 6th) Towels for the Shelter

Day 4 (Tuesday, November 7th): Soup for the Kitchen

Wednesday, November 8th is Parent Teacher Conferences. There will be a table set up if anyone would like to drop off any donations.

Day 5: (Thursday, November 9th) Coins for the Cure

Day 6 (Friday, November 10th): Socks for the Homeless

Day 7 (Monday, November 13th): A Random Act of Kindness

Day 8 (Tuesday, November 14th): Care for the Closet

Day 9: (Wednesday, November 15th): Coloring Books for Batch

Day 10 (Thursday, November 16th): Thanks for All They Do

Day 11 (Friday, November 17th): We’re Kicking Cancer to the Curb

Day 12 (Monday, November 20th): Love to Our Students

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