Over 100 Steel Valley educators participate in multi-district professional development day

A large audience of educators listens to a presentation in an auditorium

Over 100 educators from the Steel Valley School District recently took part in the Consortium for Public Education's shared professional development day at Woodland Hills High School.

The theme of this year's event was "Building a Positive School Culture," and it featured educators from Clairton, East Allegheny, Penn Hills, Wilkinsburg and Woodland Hills along with those from Steel Valley. The event also included a number of community partner organizations that work with the districts or with other educational institutions in the region.

Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Dr. Khalid Mumin and Deputy Secretary for the Office of Elementary gave a presentation to the over 850 educators who gathered for the day of professional development. It also included presentations from Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center and a Teacher Diversity Panel led by the McElhattan Foundation.

The event is an excellent networking opportunity for teachers and administrators, and it also allows them find opportunities to continue to learn and grow. Educators split into groups for a pair of breakout sesssions where they were able to further develop their skills in a chosen area.

Once the day was done, the Steel Valley participants were able to debrief as a district and share with their coworkers what they had learned. These professional development days are crucial to continuing to bring new ideas and perspectives into the district so that educators and students alike can continue to grow.

Dr. Khalid Mumin speaks on stage at a podium with a large screen to his right